Everything in life happens at the right time. Sometimes it stares us in the face and we don’t acknowledge it . It keeps happening till it glares us in the face and we finally accept it.
The journey of life .. when did it begin for each of us ? and when did it begin for me…?
The logical answer of the practical mind is that it began when we are born. … techincally yes… That’s what one is told by parents , friends ,society .
However we forget, each day is a new beginning, each second is a new beginning. Like the cells in our body are forever evolving so are we on a sub-conscious level.
We are labelled as fathers, son, daughters , mothers,husbands, wives,businessman, workers and so on.
Now let’s stop and think… what if we all were to become seekers.
Complicated ? Isn’t it .
Beyond understanding .. I am sure that as you read you must be thinking what am I trying to say. .. I too am confused at this point and so I began this blog, and as I write I share my experiences and my journey.
So welcome to Merkaba…. light …energy … mystic.
Inspiration through the journey of life.
Peace and blessings
Ava Paz


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