img_1059Thanks to my friend Jean Rene Maria who pushed me into writing ,expressing and sharing this journey . She came back into my life when I least expected it and today I realised why our paths crossed in 2009 . It was all meant to be. There are no coincidences. The denial ended and it turned to anger . When it rains it pours. With the loss , came in two more friends- Relation ship karma and financial karma .
Is it loss, or upheavals in relationships or financial downturn which led me to question my very being … time will tell. But this set a whole spiral of events and the reflections began . This will unfold as I continue to move forward. There are so many things to learn. And it is only when we face challenges that we are shaken. Why are we shaken? The answer- the equilibrium of our comfort zone is affected. We run helter skelter. Anger, blame,stress and so forth . Where would this all lead to? Faced with an option to become bitter or better .. I chose the latter. Hence a journey within a journey. A life lesson. Acceptance of who I am .. faults and the quest to know the why ,how’s and what’s of life
After the anger started the blame game . It would take me years to explain the blame game. In this phase of life. I learnt two very simple valuable lessons. When I point a finger at anybody three are pointing back to me. And in any situation -the blame is within. That’s when I went one level ahead and learnt the meaning to vibrate on the higher level. This was my first tiny step. In times to come the journey was 20 steps forward and 25 steps backward .
Will be back soon with some more.
Peace and blessings


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