Hurt …pain


Hurt. The ache ,the pain. Can I quantify. Can I give it a numeric value. Can I give it a formula ..?

why quantify? so that I can say Voila ! My contribution to the world. My very own discovery . Hurt Quantified.
What is hurt. .. it is pain. What is pain . How do I describe pain . Is it guts being ripped apart? is it a need to cry?

is it just solitude?

thougths racing across my mind.
Is pain global… is it same for all of us ? Is it the same for all circumstances . Is the depth different is the feeling different. Is it same across the gender and age .
I have no clear answers or logical reasons. However Pain is pain . It’s a dull ache .
Be it death , loss, failure or a broken relationship. It is the same feeling -like for a child dropping his last candy on the floor-END of the world.
Yes that’s it. End of the world. Nothing to keep the zing in life .. the song of love goes silent … from a coloured Hd movie life becomes black and white.
So reflecting and searching and seeking … I quantified pain – atleast for myself.
It is running around like a headless chicken ,packing in 48 hours of work in 24 hours.
Denying happiness
Denying love
Building a wall around me .
Life of a zombie. Yes that’s pain for me. Live in isolation. Not from the world but from my very self. My soul and my higher self.


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